Choosing the Right Goalkeeper Gloves

goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves are one of the most important parts of a soccer goalkeeper’s outfit. They perform several functions at once: they protect hands from damage when falling, cushion and soften strong impacts, and improve grip on the surface of the ball.

You should look for the best pro goalkeeper gloves that will offer a quality playing experience. Correctly sized models serve the goalkeeper faithfully but require proper care. Here are a few things to consider when buying such gloves.

Manufacturing Material

goalkeeper glovesA goalkeeper participating in a game or training must be confident in the quality of his equipment. To avoid mistakes when choosing, you need to consider many factors: seasonality and weather, quality of the field, palm-size, material, the right cut, and a comfortable fit.

In the production of goalkeeper gloves, rubber, latex, synthetic materials, and natural materials are combined. Football players do not choose the weather for matches, so woolen models are suitable in cold weather, and leggings made of light mesh are useful for hot summer.

Features a Cut and Extra Finger Protection

Goalkeeper gloves consist of two parts, the back and the palm, made of different fabrics. Having studied the composition, you will select the right product for comfortable and effective training without mistakes.

All models presented in stores, one way or another, protect the joints of the fingers from stretching. The popular Flat Palm has sealing wedges between the back and the palm. Some products do not have inserts, but protection is provided by maximum hand retention. The advantage of these gloves is a tactile feel and better ball control.

Equipment Durability

Going into a responsible game, the goalkeeper must be confident in the reliability of the gloves. But his equipment works actively during the training period, loses its quality and it is impractical to use it at the match. A professional goalkeeper has several pairs of gloves in stock for the next match.

Depending on the manner of play and the quality of the fabric, a pair is enough for 13-14 matches. After reducing the quality of ammunition, it is better to use it only in training. For responsible encounters with the enemy, new protection is required.

Look for the Right Size

goalie glovesA goalkeeper’s glove should not only fit comfortably around the hand, without restricting the palm and give freedom of movement, but also provide mechanical protection against strong impacts. It is important to choose a model specifically for your brush.

We measure the circumference of the palm with an ordinary tailor’s tape. Wrap the tape around the widest part of the hand, record the number of centimeters and use the table to determine the size of the gloves you need.

What you should pay attention to when buying a pair with protective elements is the discrepancy with the size of your usual gloves. Choose models that are half the size. Otherwise, the thing will squeeze your hand, and an uncomfortable fit will interfere with the game.

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